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Happy New Year to all our Valued Customers

All of us here at Sunshine Home Loans would like to thank all of our valued customers for working with us over the years. We thank you so much for your business and we wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

Important Information to consider in the New Year

Homestead Exemption Filing
If you ve purchased a home recently, or made a change to the ownership of your home, you don t want to forget to file for Homestead Exemption. The application for the Exemption can be filed at any time, but, it must be filed by March 1st in order to get the Exemption for the current tax year. The Exemption gives qualified applicants a significant reduction in their home s taxable values, thereby lowering your annual tax bill.

To learn more about what exemptions you may qualify for please visit your local property appraisers website. For Brevard County the web address is: Brevard County Appraisers

Student Loan Refinance
Student Loan debt is a huge problem in the US and unfortunately the problem is only going to get worse. Deferment periods and reduced payment plans are not offered indefinitely so there is going to come a day when the full payment on your loans is going to be due. Rather than risk default and ruining your credit history, why not use your homes equity to pay off and get rid of your student loan debt for good? Refinancing to pay off your student debt has never been easier!

Debt Consolidation
The last few years have been very active and as such home values have increased significantly. There s no better time to access that equity and, it can be used for a multitude of different things. Pay off high interest credit card debt, make improvements on your home, payoff your installment loans on your car, motorcycle or RV. If you re currently paying Mortgage Insurance on your loan a refinance can help you get rid of that as well. Removing Mortgage Insurance as well as paying off excessive debt is a great way to get your finances in order and on track for the New Year!

Jumbo Loans
Home prices are going up fast and unfortunately a lot of people think they re priced out of the market and cannot qualify for a Jumbo Loan. Although it's true that Banks have very strict guidelines for Jumbo Loans, that s not you re only option. We have multiple Jumbo Loan options with our investors , it s not as hard to qualify for Jumbo Loans as you may think!

Private Money Investors Only
This Private Money program is not for those with bad credit trying to buy a home. Our program is for seasoned real estate investors that understand how Private Money works and how important it is to have access to funds quickly when a real estate opportunity arises. Our Private Money program does not require a credit report or income/asset documentation. It is a true No-Doc loan which is perfect for seasoned investors looking for reliable and fast short term financing to acquire a new property or to leverage one already owned.

Questions/Answers - The More You Know

Is there a topic, program or guideline you'd like to know more about? We strive to make these monthly emails as informative as possible, so if there's anything you'd like to know more about please just let us know! Simply email us your question and we'll put the information together for you and include it in a future newsletter!

Contact Us

For more information on how our programs can help you in the New Year, please just call our office at 321.757.5009 and ask for Wendy or Havana. Or, simply send an email to info@aloaninthesun.com

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