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Hurricane Season - Let's Prepare Together!

If you're like most, the answer is no, not even close. We're busy, we're tired, we'll get to it later are excuses we all use to ignore the need to plan ahead for hurricane season. I had the same answer and used all the same excuses myself honestly. Then one day I started really thinking about it and realized that it was totally crazy to ignore something you know is going to happen. I mean it's Florida for crying out loud and if you've lived in Florida for more than 1 year you know it is GUARANTEED we're going to have a hurricane season. The number and intensity of the storms may vary from year to year, but the storms ARE coming.

A couple of years ago my husband and I made a plan to finally get prepared. What we ended up doing turned out to be super easy, inexpensive and it paid off big time. During the last two seasons we had everything we needed and were completely calm and comfortable before, during and after the storms. Since that time of year is almost here, I thought I'd share with everyone what we did to get ready in hopes that it'll help you and your families feel at ease.

Over the coming weeks I'll be posting on our Facebook page and our Google listing step by step instructions on what we did to get prepared. I'll post about every week or so, with the first one being on or before May 1st. If you follow the same plan I did, you'll have everything you need before the storms start coming our way!

This year don't stress about storm season, let's just get prepared together!

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