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Local Lender vs Banks

Why use a local broker instead of a bank?

It s important to know all of your options. When looking for the best possible financing you should always investigate what types of lenders are out there. The most important decision you ll have to make is whether to use a Local Lender or a Bank.

What exactly are the differences between a Bank loan officer and Sunshine Home Loans? Well, there s quite a few actually with the most important differences being variety, flexibility and control. Here we ve detailed the top reasons why you should consider us over your local bank.

Top Reasons to Use A Broker

Bank Loan Officers are limited to certain home loan products and strict lending guidelines set forth by top management. This restricts loan availability greatly like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole if you don t fit you don t get a loan. Sunshine Home Loans however has a large network of lenders to choose from. Each lender has slightly different guidelines and rules, allowing for a variety of loans to choose from. Having this network of lenders at our disposal is very beneficial to you as a consumer as it allows you a greater variety of home loan options to suit your needs.

In addition to variety, not having access to multiple loan programs restricts Bank Loan Officers from being flexible with their lending guidelines. Our lender network provides many different programs, including programs that offer alternative documentation. This make it easy for you to obtain financing when you re self-employed or on a fixed income.

In the typical Bank setting, the Loan Officer works with you to take the application, gather your loan documents and prepare your loan for underwriting. Once this is done however your loan is then shipped off to a processing center where your loan will be added to a pool of thousands, and will subsequently disappear. The loan officer, who may have been very helpful up front, is now no longer reachable or if you do reach him, he has little knowledge about the current state of your loan file.

Here at Sunshine Home Loans we maintain control over your loan from day one until your closing date. We are located in Brevard County Florida and handle the entire loan process in house. Not only do we save you the ground work of finding the best rate, lender, and mortgage terms for your specific needs, but we also control the entire loan process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Bottom Line: What Difference Does it Make?
Approximately 80-90% of loans that are turned down by the Banks are loans that CAN close. Don t exclude yourself from the real estate market just because your Bank is unable to write a loan for you. Contact Sunshine Home Loans today and let us help you accomplish your homeownership dreams!