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Hurricane Season

Preparing for Hurricane Season - Week 1

Background Information

Before we get to what needs to be done to start preparing ahead of time for storm season, let's take a look at why it's so important to plan early. Recent internet searches reveal the following startling information:

  1. Most of America cannot write a check for $500 nor do they have that available in credit
  2. Most of America doesn't have enough food in the home to last more than 3 days. And that food is generally not stuff that goes together, to make real meals.
  3. Grocery stores only have 3 days worth of food on hand, and that is just to cover normal shopping behaviors
  4. Grocery stores receive ALL of their supplies via truck deliveries. Can the truck get gas? Does the warehouse that supplies that truck have power yet? Depending on the situation, once your local store is depleted it could take up to 2 weeks for them to be completely replenished.

So, the typical American has no money for large last minute shopping trips and not enough food currently in their home. Grocery stores are almost instantly out of food as soon as a storm is named AND they're not getting restocked for up to two weeks. This is a pretty scary scenario and it's exactly why doing a little at a time in advance over a couple of weeks is so important!

So let's get started.

How to Start Preparing

Preparing in advance for the storm season is not difficult, you just need to do a little bit each time you go shopping. When I started my plan for my husband and I, we did not spend more than $20/pay period on emergency items. Depending on where you shop that $20 will get you a little more or a little less than someone else, but that doesn't matter. Sticking to a plan and doing something every single pay period is what's important.

If you stop to think about what's already in your home, and then buy things to go with them you'll save a ton of money and will have little or no food loss during the storm. Here's an example of what we purchased on week one:

    - 1 case of drinking water and 4 1-gallon jugs of water
    - 1 can of corned beef hash
    - 1 box of hashed brown potatoes
    - 1 box of pancake mix
    - 1 bottle of pancake syrup
    - 1 can of sausage gravy
    - 1 bag of Bisquick biscuit mix
    - 1 package of instant oatmeal
    - 1 can of fruit

I came up with this list of week 1 items by thinking about what happens first when the power goes out. Of course the answer is the stuff in your refrigerator starts to go bad. To prevent food loss I wanted to use up first the items in my fridge. I generally have in the fridge milk, eggs, butter, cheese and flour tortillas. When I take these items and combine them with the shopping list above I can make the following meals to eat quickly and easily on a grill:

    - Biscuits and gravy
    - Scrambled eggs with corned beef hash
    - Pancakes with canned fruit
    - Eggs over easy with hash browned potatoes
    - Egg breakfast burrito with hash brown potatoes on side
    - Oatmeal with fruit mixed in
    - Cheese omelets with biscuits

And so on and so forth. The combinations are endless and vary depending on what you decided to buy and what you already have in your home. When you make your shopping list just be sure to follow these simple rules: Don't buy it if you won t eat it and buy items that are easy to make on the grill. If you won't eat it, you've wasted your hard earned money. We need to keep it easy because whatever you re cooking has to be done on the grill. Hurricane season is in the summer in Florida..., so slaving for hours by an open fire is not going to be pleasant.

When you get home from the store, put the items you purchased on their own shelf or in a hall closet. These are emergency supplies so you want to keep them separate, easy to access and easy to view, so you always know what you have.

The last thing you want to do is figure out how many of the 1 gallon jugs of water will fit in your freezer. Once you determine that, open those jugs up and pour out about an inch of the water. Then put cap back on and put those jugs in the freezer. If you've ever tried to buy ice during hurricane season you ll know why this is crucial!

Okay. Make your first shopping list, gather the items you need and next week we'll work on the next step!

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