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Preparing for Hurricane Season - Week 2

Getting Started

How did everyone do with last week s shopping list? If you picked up at the store anything similar to my example grocery list from week one, you're well on your way to being ready for hurricane season in advance, so congratulations!

Let's move on and see what we can pick up for emergency supplies on shopping trip #2. Just as discussed before, for all purchases you want to make sure to:

  1. Only buy things you know you ll eat.
  2. Keep the costs down, don t spend more than $20 or so each shopping trip.
  3. Buy items with a good shelf life. If it expires before storm season even arrives, it doesn't help you and you've wasted money on that item.
  4. Items have to go together for meals for your family, and they have to be easy to prepare on your grill.

Also another thing you want to consider is the size of your family. When I was preparing, it was for myself and my husband. Adjust the quantities of the items you buy depending on the number of family members you're planning on caring for during storm season.

Week 2 Tips

My husband and I are good cooks, and we like to cook and be creative. If however cooking is not your thing there's no need to fret as the internet has tons of easy recipes you can pick from. If you're not the creative type just peek in your pantry and pick a few items that are in there. Then go to the internet and do a search for 'black bean recipes' or whatever items you choose. Then just pick a super easy recipe and shop for those items at the store.

As before, if you stop to think about what s already in your home, and then buy things to go with them you'll save a ton of money and will have little or no food loss during the storm.

Items I purchased in week two covered the items in the fridge we talked about last time, but also began to incorporate freezer items. Food in your fridge will last a couple of days after the power goes out. But, provided you're not opening the door several times a day, frozen items stay frozen for quite some time, probably about a week.

Here's an example of what we purchased on week two to incorporate the rest of my fridge food as well as frozen items:

    - 1 case of drinking water and 4 1-gallon jugs of water
    - 1 box of angel hair pasta
    - 2 can of mushrooms
    - 1 jar of marinara sauce
    - 1 jar of Alfredo sauce
    - 2 cans of Chunky soup
    - 2 cans of chunk chicken
    - 2 packages of Knorr s pasta sides, 2 packages of rice sides
    - 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of corn
    - 1 can of black beans
    - 1 can of refried beans
    - 1 can of diced tomatoes with green chilis

Here's just a few ideas of meals that can be made with my week two grocery items when combined with my remaining fridge items, items left over from week one shopping as well as items from the freezer:

    - Bean burritos with tomatoes, green chili and cheese. Spanish rice on side
    - Angel hair with marinara and mushrooms. If there s any bread in freezer, you can have garlic toast with this
    - Chicken and black bean quesadilla, chicken rice side
    - Chicken salad sandwiches
    - Knorr pasta side with chicken or mushrooms added in. Vegetable on the side

Week 2 Summary

Now that you have the hang of this, what you should do is continue buying emergency items each payday until you feel comfortable that you have enough food and water to feed and hydrate your family for two full weeks. Although two weeks may seem like a long time the reality is after any size storm it takes that long for our area to reach a state of normalcy. The last thing you want to do is try to brave the crowds at the store right after they open. Having been there and done that, it is not at all a pleasant experience. The best thing to do is have everything your family needs already on hand.

My next post is going to be about the other items you need to stock up on. Food and water is of course first, but there s other considerations as well. The next post will be about some basic items that you'll need so you and your family can be as comfortable as possible during the storm season.

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