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Preparing for Hurricane Season - Week 3

Next Steps

Hi everyone! I hope that you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend?!

In this article we're going to review the steps we've taken so far to prepare for storm season in a quick and budget friendly way. If you missed my first articles, you can view them here:

Over the last few weeks I hope you've been following the plan by buying just a few extra items at the grocery store each pay period. When my husband and I were following this plan, we continued buying our extra items each pay period until we felt comfortable that what we had purchased for emergencies would be enough to last us for about 3 weeks. Having lived in Florida since the 80s it seems that the time it takes for things to get back to normal after a significant storm is about two weeks, so we wanted to make sure we had enough for that, and a little bit extra. The last thing we want to do is be out of something, and then have to fight the crowds.

Once you get started shopping, just continue to purchase the additional emergency items until you reach the point where you're comfortable. Once you have the amount of emergency supplies to meet the needs of your family, then it's time to go onto the next step.

Week 3 Tips

Having all the food and water you need is awesome, but when a storm comes through we also have to prepare for how darn uncomfortable we all are during the storm. It's Florida, and we don't have power, so no AC. We love our cell phones, iPads and all our fancy toys, but can t recharge them. We have children that are accustomed to TV or PC games, and now they don't have anything to do and now all you hear every 5 minutes is "I'm bored!" Can you feel your blood pressure rising? LOL

Here is a list of extra items we purchased, which helped ease the pain of the storm dramatically:

    - Two hand held can openers. It's kinda hard to eat your food supplies if your existing can opener breaks, which mind did the first year!
    - Crystal Light and various drink mixes. Plain old water gets really boring after a day or so. Keeping hydrated is important, so get mixes to make sure you keep drinking.
    - Battery powered lanterns. I bought a pack of 4 on Amazon and I believe it was under $20. They run on AA batteries so I picked those up too.
    - Battery powered fans. I bought 4 10 inch fans on Amazon which run on 6 D batteries each. No AC in Florida is absolutely brutal, but these fans put out plenty of breeze and we were completely comfortable.
    - Instant coffee and powdered creamer. Enough said. LOL
    - Snacks such as granola bars, mixed nuts work well. Also sweets for the kids like fig newtons, Nutter Butters or other cookie that has a good shelf life.
    - Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils.
    - On Amazon I found a cell phone/PC charger by FosPower. You just charge it once for about 5 hours before the storm and it has enough juice stored in it to recharge your phones etc.., several times each. This was just under $100 or so, but well worth it.

Week 3 Summary

My next and final hurricane post is going to be about what to do after storm season passes. Since you're now well prepared you ll be surprised how easy it ll be to learn what works and what doesn't and be ready for the next season! Also, preparing for a hurricane has also just prepared you well for other situations too, more on that on my final post!

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